Studio 93 is a young and rising interior design firm and contracting company based in Hk. We offer a full range of professional services for residential and commercial spaces such as retail spaces, restaurants and office showrooms. Established in 2010, led by Tik Chan, our design and contracting team is young but experienced and professional in interior design, graphic design and construction design detail.

We understand that each project is unique and that small and large spaces have their own challenges.How to make FUN for space? That is what we always focus on. We believe that every space should have its own character, and our role is going to present that by our design skills. We think it’s really important that we should design spaces with a kind of character, and actually, we are like a writer, but we express our feeling by space.

9三設計是一間新晉及發展迅速的香港公司, 我們提供的專業服務範圍包括住宅及任何商業項目等。 成立於2010年, 我們的團隊雖然年輕, 但卻專業, 團隊中有室內設計師, 平面設計師及傢俬工匠等。 不論大小的設計項目, 我們都會視為一種挑戰。

在設計理念上, 我們常常都會問, 如何令到每一個空間更有趣呢? 我們認為每一個空間應擁有其獨特性, 而設計師的角色就像一位作家, 但我們不是用文字, 而是用空間之感覺, 去描寫對此空間的表達。



Tik Chan is Design Director of Studio 93, the professional member of Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA), the Excellence Design Awards student from TAFE Sydney Institute Lidcombe College and the winner of Designex Exhibition Entrance Competition from Design Centre Enmore, Sydney. After graduating, he worked in Cream and CL3 Architects as an interior designer. In 2010, he decided to chase his design dream and founded Studio 93.

陳狄康是9三設計的設計總監, 香港室內設計協會之專業會員, 畢業於澳洲設計學院(Design Centre Enmore), 主修室內設計, 曾獲學院頒發優等設計奬項(Lidcombe College), 亦是Designex entrance competition的優勝者。 畢業後, 他於本地知名室內設計及建築師樓公司(Cream & CL3 Architects)工作. 在2010年, 他創辨了9三設計並為他的設計理念夢想展開新的一頁。


2015 – Selected as one of eight local young interior designers of the Urban Oasis exhibition

2015 – MH Prominent Interior Designer Award

2014 – Tree designers of the first SZ-HK Design Bi-city Biennale (HKIDA Young Designers Exhibition)
首屆深港設計雙年展中新晉香港室内設計師之一 (HKIDA年青室內設計師展覽)

2014 – Successful Design Awards – China
Project: Celestial Heights
得獎項目: 半山壹號

2014 – Asia Pacific Property award. 5 star (★★★★★) Best Interior Design Private Residence Hong Kong
亞太區Property Awards – 最佳5星星獎項 (★★★★★) (住宅獨立屋項目)

2014 – A’ Design Award Milan
A’ Design Award Winner in interior space and exhibition design category, 2014-2015
Project: Celestial Heights – reflect illusion / MISS-ed BEAUTY

2013 – Perspective Awards, Interior Design (Professional) Residential – Hong Kong
透視設計大獎2013, 室內設計(專業組別)住宅項目

2013 – Top 10 Interior Design Award
Project: Palm Springs
得獎項目: 加州花園

2013 – InteriorBeauté Residential Design Award
Concept: Innovation–Awarded
Project: Palm Springs
《ib 雅舍》室內設計大獎2013-創新意念大獎得主
得獎項目: 加州花園

2013 – Successful Design Awards – China
Project: Palm Springs
得獎項目: 加州花園

2013 – A’ Design Award Milan
Silver A’ Design Award Winner in interior space and exhibition design category, 2013-2014
Project: Palm Spring – strikingly simple

The winner of Designex Exhibition Entrance Competition, Sydney, Australia – Tik Chan
澳州悉尼Designex entrance competition 的優勝者

The Excellence Design Awards – Tik Chan
TAFE Sydney Institute Lidcombe College
Lidcombe College, 悉尼設計學院頒發優等設計奬項